Coffee drinks, hot and cold. Special Mexican chocolate caliente. Pastries. Donuts. Salads and bocadillos, the Spanish version of sandwiches on a crusty baguette. Here’s our current Latin-infused menu.


(All coffee drinks are available hot or iced.)

Café Con Leche (Latte) — 3.05 (1 shot) / 3.55 (2 shots)
Our signature coffee is the Spanish version of a latte: bold coffee and hot milk.

Cappuccino (Espresso with foam) — 3.05 (1 shot) / 3.55 ( 2 shots)
A kick of caffeine with a sweet and subtle flavor. Add your favorite flavor shot: Vanilla, Hazelnut, Raspberry, Chocolate or Caramel.

Mexican Mocha (Mexican chocolate with espresso) — 3.29 (1 shot), 3.75 (2 shot).
An irresistible choice for the mocha lover. (Remember, it was the early peoples of Latin America who discovered chocolate in the first place.)

Cortado (Espresso w/small amount of milk) — 2.50 (1 shot), 3.00 (2 shots)
The daring jolt you need to get going or keep going today.

Cubano (Espresso with raw sugar) — 2.10 (1 shot), 2.60 (2 shots)
Espresso shot sweetened while brewed for a fine taste. (Just the way they still drink it in Havanna’s cafes.)

Americano (Espresso with hot water) — 2.10 (1 shot), 2.60 (2 shots)
Espresso with hot water. (It’s called an Americano, of course, because Americans tend to water down their coffee.)

Espresso Shot (1.5 oz of strong coffee) — 1.89 (1 shot), 2.30 (2 shots)
If you need a bold kick, this is for you.

House Coffee (Our own South American blend) — 1.89 (1 shot), 2.20 (2 shots)
Bold flavor fresh from carefully roasted South American beans.

Red Eye — 2.28 (1 shot), 2.80 (2 shots)
The most daring choice of all. Hot coffee with espresso.


(All specialty drinks come in 2 sizes — 12 oz. and 16 oz.)

Mexican Hot Chocolate — 2.45/2.70
The Latino version of hot chocolate. Sweet with a hint of spices.

Chocolate a la taza — 2.00
Thick, bold taste of chocolate. (It’s like drinking a bar of chocolate.)

Las Chulas Champurado (Chocolate & cinnamon) —- 2.45/2.80
Warm, thick, chocolate-based South American drink. Often served to celebrate the most special occasions. (Featured on Fox 2 News)

Chai Tea Latte — 3.05/3.55
Strong flavor of chai tea with hot milk.

Hot Tea — 1.85
For the tea lovers. Several popular varieties.

Yerba Mate — 2.45
A popular South American herb tea, made from the leaves and stems of a South American tree.

Don Bigote (Mexican Mocha with chipotle) — 3.55/4.00
Spicy chipotle meets it’s mocha match here.


(All these are 16 oz. only.)

Frappucinos — 3.65
Cold drinks for the coffee lover.

Iced Latte — 3.65
Iced lattes can cool down any warm day.

Smoothies — 3.75
Fresh fruit drinks available in Mango, Wildberry, and Peach

Shakes — 3.75
Vanilla or Strawberry.

Iced Chai Tea Latte — 3.65
Chai Tea has a whole new taste iced down.

Iced Americano — 2.60
Served fresh and cold in this version.

Soy milk — .45
XT espresso shot — .50


Our bocadillos (sandwiches) are all made on freshly baked baguettes with a mix of fresh cheeses, veggies, meats, fish and olive oil.

Cheese & veggies
Machego cheese, green peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, olive oil

Tuna, olive oil, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, baguette

Prociutto & cheese
Proscuitto, Manchego cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, olive oil, baguette

Fresh Salads — 4.50
Fruit Salad — 2.50

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