Meet Blake Zucker, Local Artist of Cafe Con Leche

You may have noticed a new update at both our cafes this year.


Our owner Melissa had been traveling around and stumbled upon the beautiful art work of local artist Blake Zucker. She saw the mugs he made several times and fell in love with his story, hiring him to make all of the cafe’s latest mugs.

Blake’s work is beautiful and so is his story. Blake was diagnosed at an early age with autism, but that didn’t stop him from learning everything he could about the world of art. He started making art at 7 years old, and was featured in his first show at 8 years old. Since then, he’s continued to show and sell his work in the Metro Detroit area.

Blake 5-6-15

“He’s self taught. He loves functional, clean contemporary lines,” said Blake’s mother Robin Zucker.

Blake was homeschooled and excelled quickly, entering college at the age of 16. Now Blake is 23 years old and the world awaits him. Once a year Blake and his mother travel to NYU to lecture in the art therapy program.

Blake’s mother also said he was very inspired by the cafe for the mugs, and he loves to visit and see his art in action.

“He loves that Jordi serves coffee from his cups at the restaurant. He loves the Mexican Mocha drink. It inspired a new glaze for his artwork,” she said.

The mugs have been a hit at the cafe, and we’re excited support such a local talented artist. Check out Blake’s work online at:

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