Joshua Lott: Documenting Detroit in Photographs

Joshua is a photojournalist who's documenting Detroit

WE FOUND JOSHUA LOTT TUCKED AWAY IN A CORNER  at Café Con Leche. Without his camera, he was sending emails and coordinating projects. Joshua works as a national photographer and has been stationed in Detroit for a few months now. Though Joshua lives in Midtown, he enjoys exploring Southwest Detroit. He comes to the café to work and meet new people from all over the city.

“Considering I have a diverse group of friends, I see there’s people with many backgrounds who come here and hang out. That draws me.”

Why come to Detroit?
“I have the ability to get work done. I shoot for New York Times and Getty Images. I love shooting Detroit. It has a lot of character. It has a lot of buildings with colors, more than what I’m used to in Arizona. Before I moved to Arizona I was always under the impression it would be a city  full of colors. I love the fact that there’s graffiti everywhere in Detroit. I’m still trying to get familiar with Southwest.”

What were you photographing today?
“I was photographing the job fair today on the east side by the Matrix Center. It was organized by the City of Detroit to help local businesses.”

What’s your favorite photo you’ve taken in Detroit so far?
“I have some cool photos from the Rouge Nain festival. Aside from what I do on a daily basis for the news, I’ve been documenting the city. There’s no specific neighborhoods in general. One day I get in the car and drive and see what I can photograph. I plan on being here for two or three years.”

What Café Con Leche mean to you?
“I like the diversity of people who come here to the cafe. Given Detroit’s history, I feel there’s still a lot of racial tension going on.”

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