For weaver, Levon, Café con Leche means chance encounters, and having a foot in the community.

For weaver, Levon, Café con Leche means chance encounters, and having a foot in the community. Are from Detroit?

I am originally from the East Coast.  I was born in New York.  I lived in Astoria for a few years as child. When my younger sister was born my parents moved to the New Jersey suburbs right across the river. I came to Michigan when I was 10 – to the Detroit region.  Oakland county was where my parents settled, and as soon as I could leave the city.


I don’t like the suburbs.  Since childhood I’ve liked the city vibe, city living.  As I came to interact with the city I came to realize that I wasn’t interested in living in any other city in the country. There is just something about this place that is unique.  There is always crazy shit happening and I would like to be surrounded by crazy shit happening.

What is your favorite thing about Detroit?

The small town-big city contradiction: the sort of vibe where you go somewhere, if you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know a ton of people.  It’s a very small social world. So there is a lot of mixing between social groups.

Can you describe a little bit about what you do?

Yeah. I run a studio in which I hand weave fabrics, looms and I teach classes on how to do that as well through that space.  I have been doing that for the past three years. In addition to making product and teaching classes, I also do installation and performance artworks that incorporate my wovens,  but work in costume and pattern. A lot of my work is based on the process, so I incorporate that into, say, productive visuals or interactive performances.

So, I have seen you here quite a bit with your hand made table cloth. So what brings you to Cafe con Leche?

It’s the closest cafe… I like to mix it up.  I go to a number of different coffee shops, but I don’t drive so I have to keep things in a bike-able distance and often times this is the easiest place to get to.

What is your favorite drink?

Probably the Mexican Mocha.

What does this space mean to you?

This space for me is a public space.  Not only can I get work done, but I can see people that I care about and would like to keep up with on a regular basis, but on a too regular basis.

Check out Levon’s work at or find him on facebook. Listen to our interview below:

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